CryptoCUrrency Security

"3.79 million bitcoins are already lost based on a high estimate—and 2.78 million based on a low one" - Fortune Magazine 2017

We have experience in both securing and managing digital assets. We build the digital equivalent of bank vaults. Some past work in the space we've done is:

  • Creation and deployment of air-gapped computers for proper signing of Bitcoin transactions.
  • Assessment and deployment of Ethereum multi-sig wallets for compliant storage of Ethereum and ERC-20 Crypto Assets.
  • Smart contract development and vulnerability audits to identify potentially dangerous bugs.

TradItional Cyber-Security

We also have experience with more traditional cyber-security projects:

  • Creation and research of scripts for use with Bro IDS system for network monitoring.
  • Deployment of Okta user management software to secure employee access to company systems.