Timely and accurate information is critical to an informed understanding of the tools and methodologies that are going to help organizations thrive in the new Blockchain economy. We teach a variety of courses on a range of customizable topics:

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BlockChain AS A Tool

The focus of this course is on delivering straight facts about what Blockchain is, explaining how to interact with it through widely-available tools, and theorizing as to how the technology might apply to specific industries. It starts from the basics, and expands through an interactive discussion about business interests and needs.

Recommended for: Business Professionals, Programmers, Lawyers


Digital Assets: Understanding a New Asset Class 

This course focuses much more on the ecosystem around Blockchain in the financial realm. We focus on trading platforms and exchanges, crypto-economics, investment theses, red flags of projects, custody, and APIs. Learn how to navigate this new asset class! 

Recommended for: Family Offices, Hedge Funds, HFT Traders


Blockchain from a Legal Perspective

Advances in the use of Blockchain technology is raising many novel legal questions and challenges for those in the private and public sectors.  This course trains legal professionals how to document fraud in the use of the technology for purposes of legal actions, using Blockchain tools in the discovery process or as part of an investigation, and offers insights into the technology surrounding digital assets.

Recommended for: Legal Professionals